What is Innly?

A mobile application that provides a complete solution for guests, hotels and local companies and all services in one


In the countries and cities you travel, you can benefit from all the services of the hotel you stay with only one application. You can check in online, order from room service, send all your requests.

You can also discover events and new places in your location, reservation , transfer, car rental, you can buy tickets, you can make your insurance transactions.

You can benefit from the discounts of the hotels and companies, and you can spend the points you collected in the application.


You can follow the orders, requests and reservations sent by your guests to all departments in your hotel such as room service, housekeeping, restaurants and bars, facilities, laundry, technical service and doctor via a single software. It is sent to your manager automatically.

As a result of all these processes, you can scale the departments of your hotel and you can reach the performance reports about your staff.


When you join the Innly ecosystem, thanks to your company profile, you can promote and get reservations from your hotel guests. You can also publish your campaigns and announcements.

Our Team and Partners

We are always trying to provide you with the best service

H.Şahin Büyüker - Innly App Founder and General Manager

H.Şahin Büyüker

Founder and General Manager
Süreyya Can - Innly App Corporate Communication and Marketing Manager

Süreyya Can

Corporate Communication and Marketing Manager
Seza Babaoğlu - Innly App USA Operations Manager

Seza Babaoğlu

USA Operations Manager
Ela Çubukçu - Innly App USA Financial Advisor

Ela Çubukçu

USA Financial Advisor
Şirin Çolakoğlu - Innly App USA Operations Advisor

Şirin Çolakoğlu

USA Operations Advisor
Emin Mustafayev - Innly App International Operations Manager

Emin Mustafayev

International Operations Manager
Kağan Kongar - Innly App System Expert

Kağan Kongar

System Expert
Baran Toro - Innly App Interface and Software Developer

Baran Toro

Interface and Software Developer
Özlem Büyüker - Innly App Content Developer and Social Media Specialist

Özlem Büyüker

Content Developer and Social Media Specialist
Özlem Altınel - Innly App Customer Relations and Support

Özlem Altınel

Customer Relations and Support
Büşra Akyol - Innly App Customer Relations and Support

Büşra Akyol

Customer Relations and Support
Gülsüm Ibrahimova - Innly App Azerbaijan Sales Partner

Gülsüm Ibrahimova

Azerbaijan Sales Partner
Aynur Huseynova - Innly App Ukraine Sales Manager

Aynur Huseynova

Ukraine Sales Manager
Amil Bayramov - Innly App Georgia Sales Manager

Amil Bayramov

Georgia Sales Manager
Leman Nesirova - Innly App Which country are you in?

Leman Nesirova

Russia Sales Partner
Kristi Topuzi - Innly App Albania Sales Manager

Kristi Topuzi

Albania Sales Manager