Innly App - Restaurant, Bar and Company Application
Innly App - Restaurant, Bar and Company Application

Do you have space for your new customers?

Companies registered in the Innly ecosystem can create a free profile page, reach new customers and book their companies


Clothing, electronics, food, gift, jewelry and accessory companies

Eating and Drinking

Restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs, bakeries and bakery etc. companies

Health & Beauty

Hospital, polikilink, hairdresser, barber, beauty and hair transplantation enterprises

Culture & Art

Cinema, theater, concert venue, exhibition hall and art centers

How do I create my company profile?

You can easily create your profile and reach new customers in 4 steps

Step 01

Register for free

Register quickly and free with the information requested from you and confirm your information with the confirmation code sent to your e-mail address

Step 02

Complete your company information

Please enter the basic and contact information of your company such as address, social media accounts, telephone

Step 03

Set your working hours

Define the opening and closing times of your company according to the days of the week

Step 04

Create a campaign

Create a campaign or discount for Innly users when they come to your company


That's it all

Join in the companies in the Innly ecosystem now

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Manage your reservation and company

If you want, you can manage your company from your desktop or tablet or mobile phone with Innly - Companies Application

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Innly App - Restaurant, Bar and Company Application

Strengthen Your Profile

Thanks to many different features, your company profile will be interesting and you will get new customers

Company introduction in 6 different languages

Company venue and product gallery

Ability to schedule working hours

Online booking

Ability to take a takeout order

Ability to load the menu image

Creating a campaign and discount

Location based listing

Comment and point management

Innly App - Restaurant, Bar and Company Application

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