Innly App - Hotel Software and Application
Innly App - Hotel Software and Application

Digital revolution has started for hotels

Innly is a mobile application with desktop access that allows you to manage your hotel digitally, use technology fully and scale all departments.

Why should you use Innly at your hotel?

The solutions and features we provide to your hotel as Innly

Reduce your costs, streamline your workflow and ease your burden

Thanks to the features of Innly, you can reduce costs in your hotel and be more productive by reducing the workload of the manager and staff.

  • Keyless Door Opening
  • Minibar Control
  • Room Cleaning Tracking
  • Taxi Call
  • Easy Menu Transfer
  • Ready Product Package

Easily keep track of your guests' account, login and logout transactions

Your guests coming to your hotel can use all the features by downloading your hotel application to their devices. In this way, you can easily check-in and check-in, follow-up account, you can collect comments and points from them.

  • Online Check-in
  • Online Check-out
  • Guest Tracking
  • Comment Management

Manage your departments from one place

Thanks to your own hotel application, your guests can forward orders, requests, requests and reservations directly and easily.

  • Room Service
  • Housekeeping
  • Restaurant and Bars
  • Room Cleaning
  • Technical Service
  • Hotel Facilities
  • Laundry
  • Doctor
  • Valet - Parking
  • Registration Item

Let your guests open the room doors through the application of your hotel

All of your rooms can be opened via the application with the additional module application and door locks changed integrated with Innly.

Thanks to this system that works with QR codes, NFC and Bluetooth technologies created differently each time, you will completely get rid of the disrupted door locks and card costs.

Work in harmony with full integration with PMS software

Thanks to the most used front office programs in the industry and integrations with micros, it is very easy to process room service orders, kitchen, personnel and bill printing.

Also, check-in and check-out operations and minibar controls enable easy room-based operation thanks to integration.

Innly App - PMS Opera
Innly App - PMS Micros
Innly App - PMS Oracles

With the loyalty program, guests can collect points, increase your application usage

You can set points for transactions made from the application of your hotel and ensure that your guests collect these points when they make transactions. You can also determine where and how the collected points will be used, such as free accommodation, transfer service.

Thanks to the loyalty program, you can both increase the usage of your hotel application and let your guests choose your hotel again for their stay.

Add your staff, assign tasks and measure their performance

You can assign orders, requests, requests and reservations received to open departments within your hotel application as a task and measure their performance.

  • Personnel Application
  • Setting Multiple Notifications
  • Fast Staff Identification
  • Multiple Department Selection

Find detailed reports about your hotel, staff and rooms

Thanks to Innly's analysis and reporting feature, you can access many detailed reports about your staff, rooms and departments with a single click.

  • Performance Reports
  • Reservation Reports
  • Order Reports
  • Request / Request Reports
  • Room Based Reporting
  • Transaction History

Offer important places in your city to your guests with guide feature

Thanks to Innly's guide feature, your guests can access information about important places, shopping centers and companies in your city within your hotel application.

They can get directions to these places and make reservations at places with reservation features.

Get a free quote with Innly Supply for purchases

Thanks to the Innly Supply plugin, your purchasing unit can quickly and easily collect free quotes from the suppliers in the pool for the needed pus and services.

In this way, you can speed up your purchasing processes and reach new companies.

Innly App - Hotel Software and Application

Have an advanced mobile application special for your hotel

We have an Innly infrastructure and prepare a mobile application on behalf of your hotel. In this way, you can offer all Innly features to your guests and adapt to the developing technology.

  • Corporate Privatization
  • Campaign Management
  • Creating Surveys
  • Guest Messages

You can manage your hotel from anywhere

Innly is a complete modular software and has both desktop and mobile applications.

Both you and your staff can use Innly - Manager and Staff to track and manage all incoming orders, requests, and reservations.

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Innly App - Hotel Software and Application

And many more features that add value

Thanks to many different features, you will make your hotel different from your competitors

Taxi calling service

Transfer requests

Car rental requests

Department active / passive and time settings

Performance metrics

Multiple currencies

Multiple language support

Inventory tracking and management

Mobile compatibility

Providing process control

Guest account management

Room account management

Status reports

Fast staff identification

Personnel multiple department selection